Jopana Technologies, Inc.

Jopana Technologies was founded in December, 1988, and incorporated in April, 1990. Jopana Technologies' facility is located in Oxnard, CA, occupying 1300 sq. ft. of office space in close proximity to its primary customer, NAWC-WD, at Pt. Mugu, CA. The facility is comprised of offices and a laboratory development and system assembly area, complete with appropriate laboratory test equipment items such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, volt-meters, PLD programmers, etc. Jopana also has considerable processing resources including numerous personal computers, printers, and plotters. Jopana is comprised of dedicated degreed individuals with collective experience in the following general areas:

  • System Design Requirements and Analysis
  • Modular System Architecture Design and Integration
  • Analog and Digital Hardware Design
  • Hardware/Software System Simulation Design and Integration
  • Embedded/Real-Time Computer System Programming
  • MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus Protocol
  • MIL-STD-1760 Hardware Interface and Data Bus Protocol
  • System Inter-Connection Design Specification and Assembly
  • Radar/Weapon System Design and Performance Analysis
  • Data Acquisition System Design and Integration
  • Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) Design
  • Data Processing Equipment Design, Integration, and Maintenance
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Database Program Design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design, Layout, and Assembly
  • Computer Network Architecture Design and Integration
Jopana personnel are well-versed in a number of different computer languages (C, C++ FORTRAN, BASIC (Visual Basic), PASCAL, DBASE, PARADOX, and various assembly languages), most common computer operating systems (MS-DOS, WINDOWS(95/98/ME, NT), UNIX, OS/2, VMS), and network protocols (FTP, TCP/IP, NOVELL, DECNET, MICROSOFT). In the hardware area, Jopana has a strong background in various computer bus architectures (VME, ISA, SCSI, PCI), programmable logic design, and PCB design and layout.

Services Provided by Jopana Technologies, Inc. :

  • Data Instrumentation and Reduction Systems.
  • Special Test and/or Laboratory Support Equipment and Development Tools.
  • Automated Test Sets.
  • Network Design and Management