Jopana Technologies, Inc.

The Airborne Data Reduction System (ADRS)

The Airborne Data Reduction System (ADRS) represents the future of airborne instrumentation and data reduction in a system readily available today. It has been designed and developed by Jopana Technologies, Inc., under the direction of the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division (NAWC-WPNS), and is currently installed in the Navy's F-14A/B and F-14D "Tomcat" aircraft stationed at Point Mugu, CA. The ADRS is an in-flight data reduction system that provides an immediate post-flight analysis capability of the instrumented aircraft without the delay and expense of tape processing or digital data post-flight downloading.
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The Airborne GPS-Guided Weapon Simulator (AGS)

The Airborne GPS-Guided Weapon Simulator (AGS) is fully flight-qualified unit for simulation of GPS-based MIL-1760 weapons such as JDAM, GBU-24, and WCMD. The small, lightweight AGS is intended for mounting directly on the launch platform's weapons rail or attaching to a standard bomb rack (with an optional adapter), making use of the standard MIL-1760 interface connector for its power and interface requirements. No modifications or special conditions are required in the platform's operational software, as the AGS operates as a standalone simulation of the desired GPS-Guided Weapon (GGW).
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Radar Altimeter Signal Data Converter (SDC)

Jopana Technologies’ CV-4416/APN-194(V) Signal Data Converter (SDC) provides an inexpensive, yet reliable, method to digitize the altitude output of the AN/APN-194(V) Radar Altimeter Set for availability on a MIL-STD-1553B bus. The SDC passively monitors the APN-194 analog output signal to the cockpit Height Indicator, converting the voltage to an appropriate digital value and providing the value to the Mission Computer as a 1553 Remote Terminal (RT).
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